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Registration of New Voters

The Election Commission of India has always been committed for conducting free, fair and inclusive elections, for which an error free and updated electoral roll is prerequisite. The electoral roll is updated regularly through the Annual Summary Revision and continuous updation, wherein special focus is given on registration of new/prospective electors, who are/would be eligible for registration in electoral roll.

The school being an important and responsible part of the society, is expected to extend active participation to the Election Commission by providing the Link of Form 6 - "Registration of New Voters" and will make efforts to encourage the students who would be the prospective electors to register themselves to the Election Commission so that they can fulfill their responsibilities as an Indian Citizen.

Click on the link: to register.

To register as a new voter, Kindly follow these step:

  • 1 Click on Login/Register button on portal.
  • 2 After login, click on 'Register as a New Elector/Voter' link.
  • 3 Then click on 'Form 6' link.
  • 4 Fill the form and submit.